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familie kolff
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XIVo. Cornelis Geertruyus Kolff, born Rotterdam 28 Apr. 1831, deceased New York 18 Apr. 1860, married New York 10 March 1858 Mary Amelia Fiedler, born New York 22 Feb. 1837, deceased 6 May 1886; she remarried New York 1 Aug. 1865 Friedrich Hartie Momsen and married 3rd Lübeck June 1880 Heinrich Lisch.
From this marriage:

XVw. Cornelius Gertrudus Kolff (De Colve IV) (De Colve XV) (In Memoriam), born New York 2 Sept. 1860, broker, deceased New York 27 Feb. 1950, married Eppendorf (near Hamburg) 20 Sept. 1884 Emelie Pauline Kochen, born Hamburg 31 July 1859, deceased New York 22 March 1915, daughter of Albrecht Johann Daniel and Julia Knauer.
From this marriage:

1. Cornelis Gertrudus Kolff, born Staten Paul (Minnesota) 12 Aug. 1885, real estate broker, deceased New York 17 Nov. 1941.

2. Olga-Maria Hermina Emerentia Kolff (De Colve XV), born Staten Paul 25 Apr. 1890, deceased Wentorf (near Hamburg) 30 Dec. 1975, married Hamburg 1 Aug. 1913 William Hans Breymann, born Hamburg 16 July 1886, member of Breymann & Hubener, importers of petroleum at Hamburg, deceased Borgwedel (Schleswig-Holstein) 4 March 1981, son of Eduard Heinrich Emil Wilhelm and Emilie Adolphine Radeke.

3. Emilie Louise Kolff, born Des Moines (Iowa) 9 Feb. 1892, active in social care, deceased Oakland (California) 9 Feb. 1982.

Cornelius Kolff-Breymann (Davos, Switzerland) is one of two sons of Olga-Maria Breymann-Kolff; the name Kolff was added to Breymann officially, as one of the last wishes of his mother Olga-Maria, in order to keep the Kolff-name of this important branch alive in the following generations. It is the Association’s intention to continue this line with Kolff-Breymann. This is possible because the family name Kolff-Breymann has been officially registered in both Germany and Switzerland. We are currently working on including the full details in the genealogy (see also De Colve XV).