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The Genealogy has been included in full: Twenty Generations, and more, of Kolff’s, including the most recent born children.

Before visiting the Genealogy we recommend you read Road Map. It will help you considerably in understanding the set up.

In Structure the Generations, Branches and sub-Branches are clearly shown in one table. To easily find out where you are in the genealogy a small scheme (see here in the text) has been placed at each page: click on it on any of the following pages for a pop-up enlargement.

The international family connections have are also shown in a schedule.
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The Road Map shows you how to surf within the Genealogy.

Why the Genealogy has been included at this site in two different ways is explained in Road Map. Moreover it shows you how to surf the Genealogy.

Dutch legislation

Dutch legislation on the use and choice of family names has been changed in 2001. No longer the fathers’ name becomes automatically that of the children. The parents may choose which family name – or names, for each individual – they will use in future after their marriage. They also choose a family name for their children, being any one of the two of the parents. Later, if they want, the children have the right to change that name once (to the other parents’ name) when they become adults according to law. The Association follows Dutch legislation at this site and in membership of the Association (see: Regulations 2001). All children of parents that have chosen to use the name Kolff for their children are included in the Genealogy. In case children at first did not have the family name Kolff, but choose to have that when they become adults, they will also be included in the genealogy. Readers will understand that this is an important change to our entire genealogy after 2001.

In De Colve XV (2010) a good description is shown on the choices parents sometimes have to make.

Geheugen van Nederland

Geheugen van Nederland: (recollected) Memory of The Netherlands. A great website that has a lot of images and other information on the Memory of The Netherlands. Images of Kolffs are available, but we are not allowed to copy them or use them at our website. We have placed links to this images of persons (or other items) in Genealogy or at any other page whenever appropriate.

Dictionary and AbbreviationsMost of the text is in English, but not all. For example professions have not always been translated. There is a dictionary available for your convenience. Here you can also find the Abbreviations as used in the Genealogy.

Dutch Family Names and Other PagesIn Remarks the writing and use of Family Names in the Dutch language area (The Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, and Surinam) is explained. Other general pages have information on abbreviations used in the Genealogy, on decorations and about the coat of arms of the Kolff Family.

Recent Research on the Earliest GenerationsRecent research reveals that the first few generations are likely not shown correctly. Read more about this in Research.

DecorationsDecorations are described at the page Remarks. In the Genealogy they are stated with the persons and a link opens a pop-up screen as reference.