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New website

In December 2022, the website of the Kolff Family Association, which dates back to 1996, was redesigned and placed online. The website has been adapted to the possibilities of today and has been made more user friendly for mobile phones and tablets. The administrators are still working on fine-tuning the site. As expected, minor changes are needed in the text. The data we have collected for the latest recording of the Kolff Family in the Netherlands Patriciaat has not yet been processed. This will be done as soon as possible. Furthermore, the links within the genealogical pages do not (yet) work properly.

Goede Namen

‘Goede Namen, Adel en Patriciaat in naoorlogs Nederland’ was presented on 17 november 2021 in Amsterdam. This work is written in Dutch by Kees Bruin. The Kolff family is mentioned in this work.

Publisher is W Books.

Goede Namen

Inclusion in Nederland’s Patriciaat 98 (2022) delayed

As annouced earlier the association is working on inclusion of the full genealogy Kolff in Nederland’s Patriciaat (the ‘Blue Booklet’) issue 98. All registered members have recieved a letter from the chairman of the Kolff Family Association in which he requested information for this issue. Circumstances beyong the association’s control have lead to a delay in processing of details. It is now expected to be delivered in 2023.

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Marius bids farewell to CAS

After almost 17 years of tireless work to put an end to the abuse of horses, bulls and cows during bullfights, and later also other animals, Marius said farewell to the Committee Anti Bullfighting in November 2022. During a farewell reception at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague, he addressed the attendees and his colleagues worldwide.

Kolff on Facebook

Since February 2016, we have a Facebook group page for members of the Kolff family and interested parties. Visit the Kolff Family on Facebook and feel free to connect there! We look forward to seeing you there with your news.

Facebook Kolff

Family Day 2022

After three years, the family were finally able to meet again in 2022 for the traditional annual Family Day. The reception with lunch took place at Bertie Nix-Kolff at Nimmerdor in Amersfoort. Afterwards a joint visit was made to the National Military Museum in Soesterberg.

Earliest generations revised

Research showed that corrections in the earliest generations were necessary. Research was completed in 2014 and in 2015 the General Assembly of the Kolff Family Association agreed to change the genealogy to the currently known details.

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