Genealogy – The Youngest Kolffs (from 2011)

familie kolff
Name Born where and when In Genealogy
Sven Frederik Sebastiaan Kolff Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12 September 2013 CBCD XIXt
Pim Erik Kolff Amsterdam, Netherlands, 20 August 2012 CBB XIXi
Jet Margaretha Irene Kolff Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2 August 2012 CBCF XVIIIee3
Viggo Laurens Michael Kolff Amsterdam, Netherlands, 14 november 2011 CBCD XIXt
Victor Jacob Kolff Geneva, Switzerland, 9 May 2011 CBCB XIXr2
Sweder Frans Coenraad Kolff Haarlem, Netherlands, 25 February 2011 CBCC XVIIIv2
Isa Johanna Kolff Hoofddorp, Netherlands, 11 December 2010 CBCF XVIIIx2

More new born children (not named Kolff) in Members: Notices (only accessible with a password).
The Youngest Kolffs are shown here at least up to the end of the year following their birth.