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familie kolff
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Van Santen Kolff

XIVg. Franciscus Eliza van Santen Kolff, born Rotterdam 11 Nov. 1809, apotheker there, deceased Maartensdijk 8 Sept. 1879, married Rotterdam 29 Jan. 1839 Dorothea Louisa Christina Bosboom, born Rotterdam 24 May 1819, deceased The Hague 2 Nov. 1891, daughter of Johannes Hendrich and Christina Theodora van Dura.
From this marriage:

1. Jacoba van Santen Kolff, born Rotterdam 21 July 1848, deceased The Hague 27 Apr. 1882.

2. Johannes Hendrik van Santen Kolff, born Rotterdam 14 Apr. 1851, med. student at Leiden, deceased Rotterdam 3 Aug. 1871.

3. Petrus, follows XVh.

4. Charles Henri van Santen Kolff, born Rotterdam 21 July 1856, deceased New York omsmarried 1900, married Brussel 18 Jan. 1888 Anna Eva Josephe Jäger, born Düsseldorf 30 May 1856, deceased onbekend, daughter of Gerhard Hubert and Helene Hubertine Pesch.
From this marriage:

4a. Louise van Santen Kolff (back >), born Brussels 18 Nov. 1887, deceased St. Petersburg, Florida, 19 Oct. 1967, married 1st Horace Merwin, married 2nd Raymond Bell M.D.
From the first marriage:
1. Gordon.
2. Dorothy Louise, born New York City, NY, 1910. She married Nathaniel Safran in 1936, Harrison, NY. They had 4 children: Judith Ann 1938, Betsy Joanne 1939, Linda Jacqueline 1946, Jill Donna 1948-1996.
3. Willard.