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Details below come from the mentioned website(s). The webmaster has not made any adjustments in the actual genealogy (July, 2009).
XIIa. Georgius Justinus Kolff, born Spijk 21 Apr. 1754, schout (1776)-, secretaris (1776)- and baljuw (1778)- of the Nedereind van Spijk, fled shortly before 1790 because of manslaughter to the West Indies, plantation owner at Fort Zeelandia at Essequibo, deceased British Guyana 1824, married 1st Deil 26 March 1775 Johanna van Everdingen, born Deil 22 Aug. 1752, deceased Spijk 1788, daughter of Gerrit and Huberta Anna Buschmann; married 2nd Essequibo 1790 Marie Brunel, deceased between 5 Dec. 1808 and 1824.
From the second marriage:
3. Anna Everdine Geertuida Kolff, born Essequibo in 1791, deceased there in 1794.
4. Johanna Sophia Georgette Kolff, born Essequibo 11 Sept. 1794, lived at Demerary (1827), deceased after 22 July 1827, married 1st N.N. Leach; married 2nd 1826 N.N. Green.
5. Anna Elisabeth Kolff, born Essequibo 6 Dec. 1795, deceased there in 1796.
6. Louiza Cornelia Kolff, born Essequibo in 1798, lived at Demerary (1827), deceased after 22 July 1827.
From the ‘Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette’ 1812 April 21 (internet link) (website: Guyana Colonial Newspapers, as part of the Van Cooten Family website)

April 21, 1812

PUBLIC VENDUE IN ESSEQUEBO (date publication: April 21, 1812).

By order of the Executors of the Estate of J. G. Kolff, deceased – Eight Negroes, amongst which are capable captain and sail-maker, house-servants, and field-people; also, household-furniture, cattle, &c.
By order of the Executors of the Estate of the Widow Kolff,- Two house-servants, furniture, and cattle.

One would gather that George Justinus died in or before 1821, or already as early as 1803 (I don’t know what ‘abt’ means) and that he died at Demerary, and that Marie Brunel died 1821 (or earlier) at Demerary.
From the same the Van Cooten Family website) the following transcripts from their pages British Guiana Colonists index “K”

KOLFF, Georgius Justinus * Born: 21 4 1754, Spijk * Married: 1790, Essequebo * Died: abt 1803, Demerary

KOLFF, Anna Everdina Geertruida * Born: 1791, Essequebo * Died: abt 1794, Essequebo
KOLFF, Johanna Sophia Georgette * Born: 11 9 1794, Essequebo * Died: abt 1827
KOLFF, Anna Elisabeth * Born: 6 12 1795, Essequebo * Died: 1796, Essequebo
KOLFF, Louisa Cornelia * Born: 1798, Essequebo * Died: 22 7 1827

About the marriages of Johanna Sophia Georgette Kolff the following could be noteworthy:
Also from the Van Cooten Family website: – Essequibo and Demerary Gazette August 8, 1807 the following information on Leach (could have been married to Johanna Sophia):

August 8, 1807

Run Away, from Plantation Golden Grove, No. 26, West coast of Berbice, two Mulatto Men, Carpenters, one by name William Leach, of a fair complection; he can read and write, and most likely will endeavour to pass as a Free Man. The other is named Thomas. A reward of Fifty Five Guilders each will be given to any person who will deliver them at the said Plantation, or to the store of R. S. Turton
Stabroek, Aug. 8, 1807