Jubilee: 75 years


Jubilee 75-years

In 2001 82 members of the family celebrated the 75th Jubilee of the Association at restaurant Chalet Royal at Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch).

At 12h00 all left for the Moto Drome at Berghem (Oss). Here we participated in the Grand Prix des Kolff using Quad mobiles. After this Grand Prix at the centre of Den Bosch the Zwanenbroedershuis and the St. Jan Cathedral were visited; others walked the old city with a guide.

At Chalet Royal a group picture, which you see here at left, was taken.

he Great Family Kolff Quiz was part of the dinner party that took place at Chalet Royal. You can try to do this Great Family Kolff Quiz online (again) if you want.

More details and pictures of this day appeared in De Colve VII (2002, not available at this site).

75-jarig bestaan van de Familievereniging in Restaurant Chalet Royal in Den Bosch