Articles taken from De Colve XVI – 2011 -two articles and one link

familie kolff

‘Cor Vlieg’ – on Cornelis Kolff (1897-1968) – by Quit Kolff

Cornelis Kolff – to most of his friends: Cor – held many important functions at Rotterdam, but also on a nationaal and international scale. Kolff was a well respected and valued person in Rotterdam.

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Branch ‘B’ dies out – by Marius Kolff, chairman

Not long before the publication of De Colve 2011 we recieved the sad message of the death of Coby (Jacoba Elisabeth). With her death the B branch of the Kolff Family has died out. A memorandum for Coby Kolff will appear in the next De Colve (2012).

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Image: the latst family members of Branch Tak B: from left to roght Louis, Nicoline and Coby (then: Coba)

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The Story of a Painting by August W. van Voorden – by Marius Kolff, chairman

From my parents I inherited (2010) a painting that has been in the Kolff Family from its creation.
I think it was commissioned by the company Goudzwaard & Kolff, of which my grandfather was the owner. The Helvetia ships on the painting are part of that company. It was painted by August W. van Voorden. The painting depicts some of the ‘Helvetia’ ships at the quay of Willemsplein.

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