De Colve – Contribute with your story!

Colve New Cover

Contributions by members of the family, but certainly by others too, for De Colve, the annual bulletin of the Kolff Family Assocation, are always welcome.

Don’t think you have nothing to contribute:
everybody surely has something that is of interest to others.
Have a look at these suggestions:

you have a special mother
you have a special father
you have a special child
you have gone through a special migration process
you live at a special place
you have a special pet or other animal
you live outside The Netherlands (the family is always interested)
you are a volunteer and want to let the Kolffs know about your work
you have a special item that you know about the family
you have interesting facts on the Kolffs, not being one
you have a special house
you work in an interesting place

Send your contribution to the Editors of De Colve .