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detail from the calling of
st. matthew, caravaggio;
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millennium   migration
somewhat heavier material, that will make you smile, in the end, i hope

our 'fantastic' 20th century

'nederland is pas vol
als onze harten leeg zijn'

jeroen de jong (2007)

'holland will only be full
when our haerts are empty'

see pantha rhei:
poetry: dicht erbij

  migration is of all times:
it cannot be stopped
it is the fuel for societies
any society that tries to stop it has a good chance of dying

holland got big thanks to immigration;
it could never have done so without it

Map Blaauw

too often i read about 'illegals', what is meant are persons of course, how can anyone in this world be an illegal? sometimes i even hear the phrase an illegal african (just to mention an origin) tried to enter... any given european country...
how on earth can anyone be an illegal african? only bureaucracy can invent such a combination of words

if only wealth would be spread out all over the world more evenly
all through history people have moved to other places, for whatever reason (but actually never because they wanted to do so)
if this is stopped: it is the end of human development
what is human development...? what is animal development? is there any difference?
i don't think so
bureaucracy is not able to cope with people