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detail from the calling of
st. matthew, caravaggio;
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about pantha rhei
all things are important, or not?

all things change,
or don't they?

this is my light, and at times heavier, section
about my favorite literature, poetry, and more, choose from the menu above to continue

my recent surprises
visum for usa
sources: newspaper and other sources, would the owner, in case of 'property' please let me know before sending out legal letters of abuse, thanks

or this (fun!) link, which connects to my work and my private vices (although i gave up smoking mid 2011, without a trace of a problem, don't know why i didn't do this years before!):
corridas for smokers

go and see what my thoughts were at the time of the millennium change

and the years after that
(all are still valid...)
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some of the books that shaped me: check them out here: literature list

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examples (sorry, first one in dutch only) from dicht erbij from this section:


maria lag te persen
in een vervallen koeienstal
josef sprak: nog even schat!
ik zie het aureooltje al!

arie vuyk
25 dec 2006

most beautiful, to my idea
(this poem got me to the site of dicht-erbij)

(geen titel, no title)

nederland is pas vol
als onze harten leeg zijn

(holland will only be full
when our hearts are empty)

jeroen de jong
18 dec 2007

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