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thanks to wisława szymborska i got interested into poetry
at school they tried to get the pupils interested but dutch schools aren't particularly interested in poetry
resulting in not much interest by me, something i regretted in later years
for instance when i got introduced into arab poetry, i didn't understand the importance, not having been educated to understand this
image by mariusz kubik
when szymborska was awarded the nobel prize for literature, in 1996, i finally started to understand, thanks to her work, some of the charm of poetry, and this is why i have this section at my website
the polish poet wisława szymborska (born bnin, kórnik, 1923) introduced me into poetry, more than anything i had learnt at school (see at left)
zsymborska lives and works in kraków, since she moved there with her parents in 1931
below some dutch translations from her poetry
translations into dutch are
by gerard rasch
een ui
een kat in een  lege woning*
onverwachtse ontmoeting
het schrijven van een cv
* = also available in polish
more on szymborska at wikipedia
dicht erbij
the initiative dicht erbij (2007) - dutch word 'erbij' means something like 'have it at hand' and 'dicht' is the verb here as it could be in english: 'to poem', a word that doesn't exist in english, so, something like: create a poem
what is meant with dicht erbij is: to have a poem at hand
this great initiative was set up by young poets from the netherlands, poetry shown is in dutch
dicht erbij
the first two links below have poetry by the founder of dicht erbij, the following are by others who have contributed
daniël reza sulaiman (1)
daniël reza sulaiman (2)
esther van dalen
bupatih, leo van kuijeren
marianne pepels
gisele vranckx
inge strijker
kortland, de jong, vuijk
vos, stet, scheele
the website dicht erbij is no longer functional