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Johannes Marius on Horseback1957
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about marius (more)
in fact this whole site is about marius...
i am interested in people, societies, and animals, in history and geography, in today's political world situation,
and many other things

for my voluntary activites in the city of the hague i have been rewarded in 2010 with the stadsspeld

pantha rhei
more can be found at pantha rhei
curriculum vitae
check my curriculum vitae (opens new screen)
i studied history at erasmus university, rotterdam
(erasmus school of history, culture and communication)
i did this at a later stage in my life: in the evening
which has been a tough job
for several years i had to let it rest, but eventually i finished it
in 2005
my thesis (pdf file, new screen, dutch language) has been placed at this site
my companions
i have shared my home with people, but do not share their pictures here for privacy reasons
currently i live alone, except for my pets
my pets
they give me a lot of pleasure: currently i share my home with one dog: simba
Lotte and Nub (2010/10)
lotte and nub, october 2010
to more on my pets
marius turned 60
mid august 2013 marius turned 60

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some images and other items have been collected for the album that i placed here
check the links, below, for pages of this album
contents of album
young years: first birthdays
young years: more (1)
young years: more (2)
old album (selection of)
recent pictures can also be seen at my profile on facebook
instagram, twitter and linkedin are also networks i am a member of