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‘Gevangenen in het Oranjehotel’ (Prisoners at the Oranjehotel) is an initiative of the Netherlands ‘Nationaal Archief’
The Nationaal Archief presents:

On 15 people from the resistance movement from all over the Netherlands this website shows information for students of secundary schools. One of the 15 persons is Willem Marinus Kolff (AC XVIe), who was taken from his prison at the Oranjehotel to die in the concentration camp at Sonnenburg (Slonsk), Küstrin (now Kosztryn, Poland) on January 25, 1944. At this site see also: Biographies, 1939-1950, Willem Marinus and Biographies: Deil
More on the Nationaal Archief at this site at Links: Archives

Vliegveld (Airfield) Valkenburg
May 1940
Battles on and around the Vliegveld Valkenburg; a contribute to all that fought there and aspecially for those that payd the highest price. An initiative by mr. F. Oorschot, who also created that website. Amoungst others at that site the report of Herman Kolff, dpl. Wachtmeester Staf 6 R.A. (CBCD XVIIw).

See also at this site: Biografieën, 1939-1950, Herman (CBCD).