History: Persons: 15 Mayors Kolff

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History: Persons: 15 Mayors Kolff

(From De Colve XVIII, 2013) Being present at the installation of Wouter Kolff (CBCB XVIIIp4, image) as mayor of Veenendaal in November 2012 I was asked by several guests how many of the Kolffs had been a mayor? I suspected, then, that this number was something like five. Later that evening, once I got home I got curious and went to check. I ended up counting 15 mayors Kolff, Wouter being the 15th. The overview below indicates whom of the Kolffs have been mayors. It is sorted ion the genealogical order.At Deil a full dynasty of Kolffs have been mayor. Often they were part of the civil society in other functions as well. The tragic fate of Willem marinus Kolff, taken away by the Germans to die later in a concentration camp is described further at this website. (Biographies: Persons: Deil: Willem Marinus). The same can be said about the mayors on the island of Wieringen. Here Louis Chalres Sr. was asked back to become mayor again to assist the interned German Crown Prins after WWI. His son succeeds him and will be mayor, after an intermission during WWII, for over thirty years. During his time Wieringen gets connected to the mainland of Holland by a dike, and is no longer an island. It will also be connected to Friesland by the Afsluitdijk. At the southern side of the island new land, named Wieringermeer, is gained from the sea (History: Persons: Twice Louis Charles).

On the island of Goeree-Overflakkee at Stad aan ’t Haringvliet, not far from Middelharnis, the town almost all living Kolffs have their roots, a number of generations Kolff are mayor. In these communities the family Kolff belong to the notable families. It maybe worth mentioning here that most of them have constantly been active in different functions – being paid or not-paid – for the benifit of the population.

Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIIIw4)
(text from article in De Colve XVIII, 2013, and the image is of Wouter Kolff, who was installed as Mayor of Veenendaal in November 2013)

15 mayors Kolff - Engels

Genealogie Naam Geb Overl Burgemeester Van Tot Noot
A XIIIa Gualtherus Kolff 1775 1846 Deil 1811 1835 1
AA XIVa Willem Marinus Kolff 1810 1868 Deil 1836 1868 6
AA XIVa3 Gualtherus Martinus Kolff 1840 1879 Deil 1868 1879 6
AC XVd Mr Marius Kolff 1848 1931 Deil 1880 1913
AC XVIIIp4 Willem Marinus Kolff 1882 1944 Deil 1914 1942 2
AC XVIIb Mr George Justinus Kolff 1913 2000 Deil (en Beesd) 1945 1974
B XVe Mr Adriaan Dirk Hendrik Kolff 1862 1921 Brouwershaven 1888 1890
Schoonhoven 1893 1901
B XVf Louis Charles Kolff 1867 1922 Wieringen 1896 1902
Wieringen 1920 1922 6
B XVIf Louis Charles Kolff 1893 1970 Wieringen 1922 1942 3
Wieringen 1945 1958
C Xc Cornelis Kolff 1685 1759 Maassluis 1746 1747
CBCA XVIIn Mr Benjamin Kolff 1902 1982 Vlissingen 1946 1967
CBCB XVIIIp4 Anthony Wouter Kolff 1976 Veenendaal 2012 2017
Dordrecht 2017
CC XIIg Lambertus Kolff 1749 1823 Middelharnis 1817 1823 6
CCA XIIIh Lambertus Kolff van Oosterwijk 1779 1836 Stad aan 't Haringvliet 1825 1836 4, 6
CCA XIVq Lambertus C.C. Kolff van Oosterwijk 1820 1877 Stad aan 't Haringvliet 1843 1877 5, 6
Den Bommel (erbij) 1859 1877 6


1. initially ‘maire’
2. dismissed by occupying forces and carried off
3. dismissed by occupying forces, later reappointed
4. succeeded by son in law
5. succeeded brother in law
6. mayor until deceased
* many titles can apply depending on the historical context (mayor, maire, burgomaster; the functions’ contents counts)