Articles taken from De Colve XVII – 2012: three summarised articles

Three summarised articles

From Genealogy (CBCA XIVk5): Jacoba Elizabeth Kolff, born Rotterdam 3 July 1852, deceased there 16 June 1935, married Rotterdam 29 Sept. 1909 Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel, born Rotterdam 22 March 1845, dr.natuurk. Utrecht 1872, dr. h.c. Glasgow 1898, onderzoeker aardmagnetisme and meteoroloog, hon. adviseur Kon. Ned. Metereologisch Instituut, member municipal council van Rotterdam 1886-1904, oprichter Erasmus Stichting 1911, kunstverzamelaar, deceased Rotterdam 18 Oct. 1928, son of Huibert and Elise Susanne Marie Schmidt.

Of the summaries shown here the first article is available in full at the Dutch language section in De Colve XVII; the genealogical information at the top refers to this article.

Elie van Rijckevorsel and Jacoba Kolff (A.E. Kolff, treasurer Erasmus Stichting)

On his many adventurous travels scientist Elie collected ethnographic and art objects of which many found their way to Rotterdam museums. Jacoba (CBCA XIVk5) and Elie married in 1909, both then not young any more they enjoyed a good time together in the evening of their lives. In 1911 Elie founded the Erasmus Stichting (Foundation). Apart from many donations to public services such as the Rotterdam Library the Erasmus Stichting became the largest heir by far of his estate. The foundation still follows the goal Elie had in mind: to support education, the arts, culture and science. On the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of the foundation five Rotterdam museums exhibited Elie’s objects and a biography was published that also served as a catalogue to the exhibitions.

The Kolff Family and the art of portraits (Dirk Kolff, archivist)

Most of the Kolffs that have lived over the years we find their names printed in the genealogy but we do not know what they looked like. An extensive library of portraits exists of ancestors that we do have portraits from. Dirk describes not just the persons but also the artists that painted them, and how, the attributes, and such. Many portraits (paintings as well as photographs) can be seen, also online, at the Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis ( and of many copies are kept at the family archive in the Gemeentearchief Rotterdam. The oldest portraits are from Rev. Wouter Kolff (1644-1705) and his wife Petronella van Duyren (1644-1712) (Genealogy IX), painted by Willem van Mieris. Dirk ends his contribution wishing a photographer would make portraits of all members of the family – an activity that would not be out of vanity but which could be very helpful for future family members not in the least the future archivists of the family association!

'Driftig van spraak...' renewed on paper (Marius Kolff, chairman)

November 5, 2011, the biography of Dirk Hendrik Kolff (1761-1835) (B XIId), naval officer, was presented by the Linschoten-Vereeniging. The ‘deliverers’ of this publication, Vincent Klooster and Dirk Kolff, archivist of our association, have worked for several years to get the manuscript ready for publication. It has become a valued contribution to our family history as well as an interesting document of the loyalties of an officer in times of continuous political change.

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