Summary of articles De Colve XII – 2007: Summary

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From De Colve XI a summary in English of major articles (not including the two other articles placed here)

New Member of the Board (introduces himself): Wouter Kolff (CBCB XVIIIp4)

Twenty years or longer ago I did not care about the Family Association at all, even though my father and other close family members were in the board. I was taken to the family days but never expected I would one day be a member of the board myself. Gradually, however, I started to become interested in the Association. And recently I have been appointed member of the board and this year I will even become the treasurer. I got acquainted well with finance during my voluntary activities while I was a student at Utrecht. At those times I also started my own company, an employment agency for students which now, six years later, still exists. The past four years I have been notary-awaiting-appointment at Landwell, the legal branch of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. After that at CMS Derks Star Busmann, where I was also estate planner. A had a good time there, near to my home at Utrecht. Recently I felt I needed a new challenge and more commerce and dynamics, so since January 1, 2007, I am working as consultant at Legal Work Force at Amsterdam. I am active in the Utrecht VVD. I plan to put a lot of energy in the Association and after I have gotten myself acquainted in the finances I can always be contacted for uestions you may have in this field. See you at the next Family Day!

Two poems and Table Orders on the Heerendiners, by Cees Kolff (CBCB XVIIIp)

On two of the first Heerendiners (Gentleman’s Dinners) of the Kolff Family, March 9, 1920, and December 24, 1924, at Rotterdam, Cees Kolff has contributed an article that includes poems. His article also includes parts of the inaugural speech of the 1st General Meeting of the Association.

At this site, see: About the ‘Heerendiners’

My practice at New York, by Quirine Kolff (CBB XVIIIj2)

As part of my medicine studies I left for New York on February 6, 2006, for scientific research. Thanks to my uncle Willem Johan Kolff (uncle Pim) I got in touch with dr. Eli Friedman and dr. Moro Salifu of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Brooklyn. I investigated the effect of the small albumen F11R on the thrombocytes of dialysis patients. I started without any knowledge of this matter so I had a lot to learn. My research resulted in a publication of an article in ‘The Journal of Investigative Medicine’ and an abstract at the American Society of Nephrology annual conference at San Diego in November, 2006.

I have spent over half a year in New York. A great experience: to live in this metropolis where many people came to visit me. A highlight was my uncle Pim being awarded by the hospital where I worked. For the ceremony some of the family members travelled to New York. What was best of my stay at New York I can hardly say. It was a great experience during which I have learnt a lot, done a lot, and have seen a lot. My practice there was finished successfully and I have now started the second part of my studies for a year at Curaçao. After this I will continue them at Heerenveen, back to the roots to say, both feet heavily embedded in the clay soil of Frisia (Friesland) from where my ancestors come. After that? I will see!

Website, by Marius Kolff (CBCD XVIIw4)

At the beginning of 2007 the site has been completely updated to comply with the rules of w3c (World Wide Web Consortium). A big job but necessary to stay up-to-date with the most recent browsers. The site remains a great means of contact for Kolffs known and not-so-known to the family. Unfortunately the Forum is not used much: I urge you to contribute to the Forum: for example: start a discussion!Surfing the Genealogy is an easy and informative. In a secured part of the site you can find the names and addresses of all members. Contributions to the site, such as to the section Biographies, are always welcome!

Middelharnis: the youngest branch, by Dirk Kolff (CBCA XVIIIn)

In 1710 Cornelis Kolff (Xc, 1685-1759) moved from The Hague to Middelharnis on the island of Overflakkee. This was the start of two centuries of activities of members of the youngest branch (Branch C, to which most of the present day Kolff’s belong) of the Kolff Family in Middelharnis and the island. In his articles, of which this one is the first, Dirk describes two centuries of public and commercial activities of Kolff’s as part of the ‘elite’ in this small provincial town. Part two will follow in the next De Colve.This article is placed at this site at: History: Geography: Things one finds to do

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From De Colve XI a summary in English of major articles (not including the two other articles placed here)