Article taken from De Colve III – 1998: Kolff van Oosterwijk

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Interview met Ale Kolff van Oosterwijk (CCA XVIIjj)

The addition of ‘Van Oosterwijk’ to the family name Kolff by Lambertus dates from October 27, 1792. He was the son of Lambertus Kolff, husband of Constantia Margaretha Kolff, and he was a notable citizen occupying several public functions in the city of Middelharnis. Further he owned, with his brother Adrianus Quirinus, ships in the herring-trade.
The name ‘Van Oosterwijk’ comes from the two grandmothers of Lambertus: Catharina van Oosterwijk, wife of Cornelis Kolff (1685-1759), and Constantia van Oosterwijk, wife of Rev. (Ds.) Gualtherus Kolff (1683-1727). Cornelis is from the ‘youngest’ branch while Gualtherus is from the ‘oldest’ branch of the family (see Note by the webmaster, at right). It is unknown why the addition ‘Van Oosterwijk’ has come to use. Further usually a later addition is placed before the original family name (viz. Van Breda Kolff and Van Santen Kolff). Most likely the addition ‘Van Oosterwijk’ has come from fear of extinction of that given branch of the family Van Oosterwijk. But this is speculation.



Lambertus Kolff van Oosterwijk, married to Maria Anemaet, held several official functions. He was notary public and secretary of the city Stad-aan-’t-Haringvliet. His son, Lambertus Constantinus Kolff van Oosterwijk, married to Geertruida Hermina barones Van Isselmuden (1825-1897), held the same functions following the footsteps of his father. This couple had a big offspring: no less than seventeen children (amoungst which three twins). Remarkably though only one child produced offspring in the male line: Ale’s grand father, Leonard Johan Kolff van Oosterwijk. None of the children continued the tradition of public functions on the island of Goeree-Overflakee.
Ale, son of Eleonardus Theodurus Eckhardt Kolff van Oosterwijk and Catherine Maria Karst, is twin to Herman Leonard Johan. Both became engineers.


Afbeelding: Henny en Ale Kolff van Oosterwijk-Buitendijk (Familiedag 2003)

About the 40 years in the board of the family association Ale says the following: He entered in lieu of Gertrude Lindenbergh-Kolff van Oosterwijk, one of his aunts. At that time, and now, it was custom that all branches of the family were represented in the board. Ale has worked together with several chairmen: The first was Dirk Herbert (CBCA) (grandfather of the present archivist). The second Jan from Wassenaar, also named Jan ‘Koekoek’ (CBCD), after the Koekoekslaan at Wassenaar where he lived (grandfather of Marius, the present secretary). The third chairman was Willem (CBCF) (father of board member Kees from Heemstede) and the fourth chairman was Kees ’the General’ (CBB). After the decease of Kees Ale took over chairmanship. He wanted younger members in the board. And women! After his chairmanship Ale has been treasurer and vice-chairman.

One of the most remarkable differences between a ‘family day‘ earlier and presently is that before children under sixteen were not present (not allowed to come) and that on such a day, before, there was always that steady group of family members and some that come now and then. Presently the atmosphere has changed to an informal reunion and the day passes with fun and relaxed which only allows the members of the family to unite as the intention of the association has been.

Nienke and Mariëtte Kolff
[transl.: Marius Kolff]

Image at top (apology for bad quality):
Family at the mayor’s residence ‘Dijkhof’ at Stad aan ’t Haringvliet.
From left to right: Hermine, Caroline, gardener, Lambertus (seated), Jeannet, [unknown girl], Hendrik, Gertruda, Marie, Johan (Ale’s grandfather), Constance, mayor Lambertus, Frederik, Geertruida Hermina, Ferdinand, Anna.
Image (below): Henny and Ale Kolff van Oosterwijk at the Family Day 2003.

Note by the webmaster:
Gualtherus is not from the ‘oldest’ branch, but from the middle branch: ‘B’, of A-B-C, ‘A’ is the oldest branch.