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Use the Forms at Contact for: Change of Address, Births, Marriages, Deaths, etc.
Email to members of the board, the webmaster and the editors of De Colve well be sent directly to the persons concerned:
By clicking on the name a blank email page will be opened with the address of that person in the ’to’-field.
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Chairman: J.M. (Marius) Kolff MA CBCD XVIIw4
Vice-chairman: Mr. A.W. (Wouter) Kolff CBCB XVIIIp4
1st Secretary: Mr.drs. H.J. (Nienke) Kolff CBCD XVIIbb1
2nd Secretary: J.A. (Julius) Kolff CBCF XVIIIx
Treasurer: Ir. C.F. (Friso) Kolff CBB XIXi
Archivist: B.J. (Benjamin) Kolff CBCA XIXn
Member: M. (Marijke) Kolff AB XVIc3a
Website: Webmaster
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Addresses of members of the Kolff Family Association (incl. email, if known by the webmaster) can be checked at the Members section.
This section is accessible with an entry-code and a password.
(Members of the Kolff Family Association have this code, and recieve it every year again with the annual invitation for the General Assembly)