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marius turned 60
i celebrated my 60th birthday mid august 2013
68 people were present, it has been a great event
the service at brasserie berlage has been excellent, and so was the quality of the (vegetarian) food
Celebration at Berlage
(for larger copy: click on the image)
i asked for donations to the wanted for love campaign of hivos and human rights watch
wanted for love, marius
why wanted for love:
i am worried about the situation of gays in africa
hivos and human rights watch try to improve their situation
it is a hard struggle against mainly christian protestant influence originating from america infiltrating their anti gay anger in many countries in africa
at the party and on my bank account i have so far
recieved € 1,460 for this campaign
Marius wearing shirt Wanted for Love at party
thanks to all of my friends who have donated!
photos: thanks to margot berends (who gave me a photo report as a gift for my birthday)
marius: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60!
marius: 0 marius: 0
born at duin en dennen, koekoekslaan, wassenaar, as the 1st child of my mother, but the 4th of my father, i grew up in beautiful green surroundings in a large house that was shared with my grandparents, my parents, my uncle pieter, and my three elder brother and sisters; almost dead after i was born 6 weeks to early, i overcame that and managed to live on, till today...
marius: 10 marius: 10
this image was taken at the montessori school in wassenaar, where i was sent to for a couple of years (i didn't like it there), later to return back to bloemcampschool where i started and finished my primary school education, after that i continued to the 'karel doorman school' at wassenaar
marius: 20 marius: 20
i worked in leiden where i was the manager of an agency of nrv-holiday (dutch travel organization); image taken at a reception of a friend; before that i shortly lived in munich (germany), but when 20 i lived at wassenaar again, konijnenlaan in the drivers' cottage of our 'old house', soon to move to parkweg at the hague
marius: 30 marius: 30
by then i lived happily at leiden first at korte mare, later at smaragdlaan; worked at leiden till 1980 after which year i started to work for shell at the hague; i threw a fancy dress party for my 30th birthday (image); theme was: back to school, which i did, to continue my studies first through college and on through university where, many, many years later, i obtained my degree in history
marius: 40 marius: 40
hofpoort was my company and it organized uptown gala events - very succesful for several years but then i got bored by more of the same all the time; i found a good job at johanniter hulpverlening, long before that i had moved back to the hague and i was living together with brian at the penthouse that i still have at the zeeheldenkwartier
marius: 50 marius: 50
something that started after i ended my activities for hofpoort i continued my search for a true change: i decided to look for work to help those that need it most: animals, children, refugees; it became animals:
i started to work for animals, first at the haags dierencentrum and later at cas international

marius: 60
still working for cas international having achieved quite a lot: cas is now the central point of reference and coordinator of a network of almost 100 organisations worldwide, against bullfighting, and as one may expect, we achieve a lot and gradually we get to the point that bullfighting will be abolished worldwide