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kolff family association    
in 1983 my father asked me to take over his position as secretary of the kolff family association
from the founding of this association at least one member of our line in the genealogy (our line is the branch 'cbcd', see my position in the genealogy at the website of the kolff family) has been a member of the board

the kolff family association was founded in 1926 by some family members one of them being my grandfather
it was started as a follow up of annual 'heerendiner' ('gentlemen' dinners for kolffs at rotterdam, check one of them at my great grandparents residence at eendrachtsweg in rotterdam)

the association currently has approx. 430 members, two thirds in the netherlands and one third of the members mainly in argentina, the usa, and new zealand, but also in several other countries

the family has one of the oldest genealogies in the netherlands and is included in the nederland's patriciaat from its earliest issues

in 2006 i was appointed president of the kolff family association

the association has its own website which was started by me in 1999 (officially launched in 2000)

  2001 marked the 75th anniversary of the kolff family association, below is a picture taken of the participants to the reunion of that year

kolff reunion 2001
(click on the image for an enlargement)

see also kolff at wikipedia (english)

once a year the family has a reunion
always in the netherlands (however: once in belgium)

from the time of the gentlemen's dinner, the association has been open to the female members from its start (thanks to my grandfather)
when i was a child i wasn't allowed to come to the reunions, but nowadays we encourage parents to come with their children

for more information go to the kolff family website