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De Colve is the annual bulletin (also named 'Kroniek': free transl. 'Chronicles') of the Kolff Family Association. De Colve was first published in 1996. From Contact you can mail the editors of De Colve.

This section of the Kolff site contains a selection of articles from De Colve. Certain issues have a summary of all articles. Sometimes articles have been slightly edited by the webmaster. All issues of De Colve are available to the public at the library of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie at The Hague, Netherlands.

Members of the association, but others too, are invited to contribute to De Colve, all articles are welcome (the editors have the right not to place an article). You may wish to read the remarks by the webmaster.

Within articles that have more than one page 'Next' (and 'Previous') help you find your way within these articles.

Content has been edited up to 2015. It is our intention to place Adobe Reader files from that year on. This will be ready in 2020.