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Johannes Marius on Horseback1957
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marius turned 60
marius turned 60 mid august 2013 - i celebrated my 60th birthday at brasserie berlage in the hague where 68 people were present!
Marius wearing short Wanted for Love
more about my 60th birthday
interesting: painting
i inherited a painting that i got restored and i started to investigate about this painting
it's not just family history: it is also history of the city of rotterdam
small helvetia
here is the story
since facebook became so popular most of my images are placed there
if you click on travels (same as in the menu above) you will find some recordings of earlier years
language at this site
the language used at this site is english, except for some pages or files, such as in my travels
more information why i made this site
this site & marius
in more about marius and at pantha rhei you can read more about me
use the contact & links page
if you want to get in touch with me, or any of the communities at right
more activities

for details on my activities go to more about marius

or check my curriculum vitae

marius? jan? mark?
for people that are looking for me and see a marius here, but thinking they'd find jan or mark:
i am one of those people that have changed their given names

my name changed from jan to mark to marius: read why

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