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fourmis, werber les fourmis (the ants, de mieren) [trilogy] - bernhard werber
les fourmis (1) is a novel, scientifically based, about ants, and people getting involved with them, a true focus on our own society. ants always made me curious because of their way of life, their structure of society, their work ethic, and in this novel it all comes out: this novel is one of the best things i ever read. i think it may well be considered to what tolkien's the lord of the rings was for the 70's. werbers' trilogy is to me the same but then for the 90's. in my phrase book i revert to an opening paragraph from this book.

in the second book, le jour des fourmis (free transl.: the day of the ants, dutch name translated into english: revenge of the ants), ants have decided to kill the human kind because of what they do to planet earth. the book gets its power from paraphrasing in the form of quotes from the encyclopeadia of absolute and relative knowledge.

the third book (la révolution des fourmis) i found interesting because i wanted to know what followed but i was somewhat disppointed
the second book was, for me, by far the best, and i have re-read both books 1 and 2 already a couple of times

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