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barzini peking to paris - louis barzini
this takes you, yes you, because you are there with them
travelling with them
on an adventurous journey from china though mongolia and siberia
to paris

a fascinating experience, written in style with elegant humour as you like it
this book will arouse your imagination even though it has been almost a hundred years ago
see china, introvert, and russia, a then rapidly developing nation, opening to the world, rapidly developing (where would they have been now if not the october-revolution had stopped them from developing for so long?)
the team is lead by prince scipione borghese, who is accompanied by driver ettore guizzardi and the author, a journalist, reporting for the corriere della sera
they drive an itala
of the four other cars three were french (two dion-boutons, and a contal)
and one - yes - famous dutch car in those years: spyker