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this site
this site serves to introduce myself
and is a way to 'play' with webdesign
to learn and practise
why english
english is the lingua franca of the internet: therefore i have chosen to use english, but not at all pages: sometimes it has been necessary to use dutch, my native language, for obvious or other reasons, or any other language, whenever appropriate
an apology
in my travels the contributions are mostly in dutch, they were written originally in dutch and have not translated them
marius from 3.4 to 5.3
after other upgrades such as deletion of certain pages site version 4.2 marked the end of the use of frames on my site
in version 4.3 i upgraded all pages to w3c standards

apart from that pages have been changed and adjusted with more recent text, material, or otherwise, however the site, over all, remained the same as 4.2

in 4.4 i changed the settings of pages to center it in browser screens which seems to be the 2008-and-onward-thing-to-do
this way the pages are the same in most browsers and on all screen sizes

after that i upgraded my site to this version 5.1
i got rid of a lot of older stuff, of which only a special selection remained
browsers and mobile phones
site has been checked on most commenly used browsers
such as ie, ns, mozilla, opera

it can be seen in mobile phones but just as with some other websites, it has no special function designed for mobile phones

thanks for visiting this website
if you have any comments, please use the contact page to send them to me