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zeeheldenkwartier and de groene eland    
the zeeheldenkwartier at the hague is where i live in my quaint penthouse overlooking the city centre
this area is one of the oldest extensions of the city outside of the older 'ramparts'

i became active within it's residents' organisation de groene eland when the area seemed to be taken over by bars, café's, and notably one discotheque
in the 1980's the municipality of the hague decided that a baghwan discotheque would be a good idea for this area; many residents protested withot success; i came to live here unaware of street noise ever being possible: well i learnt from then on
the baghwan discotheque turned into a youngsters' disco within years and the nightly noise outside their doors from visitors in the narrow streets was unreal...

most neighbours moved out, but i decided that i didn't want to leave my great penthouse, my bungalow in the city as i often call it
i got support from the oldest civil organisation in town: de groene eland: that was great help
within a couple of years i got more involved with them and soon i found myself in the board

  groene eland website
click on the image to go to the website of de groene eland (dutch)
visit the website of zeeheldenkwartier (dutch) - follow de groene eland on twitter

it's not all misery, we have a lot of great activities from within de groene eland, such as the zeeheldenfestival, an annual festival, multicultural, for our area and way beyond

i have been member of the board, including several years chairman, until january 1, 2012, after which i relinquished my activities for the board of de groene eland because of my job at cas international (too much work)