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about marius (name change)
i was named after my grandfather johannes marius, his given name was 'jan' - i was baptized johannes marius, after him

my mother preferred to name me 'mark', with the (to be) baptized names of 'johannes marius', but my grandfather told her that this was not appropriate when someone was named after him, he'd be called 'jan' too: so my name became 'jan'

from jan to mark
i never liked the name of 'jan' mainly because so many men of my generation in holland had that name
i always had to use my family name with any introduction before they knew which 'jan' they were dealing with

when i was 26 i changed it to the name my mother wanted to use: 'mark'

to marius
several years after that i changed it again - this time to my second baptize name: 'marius'

i have the idea that this will stay until the moment nobody needs my name any longer, in life

the name i was baptized with 'johannes marius' of course never had to change