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Generations I - VI

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Recent research reveals that the first few generations are likely not shown correctly. Read more about this in Research.
link naar staak I. Henric Colve (Collaert), mentioned from May 1367, farmer and cattle owner, owns land at Helvoirt, Lith and Vught, tenant at Oisterwijk, deceased between May 1393 and Aug. 1394, married before May 1367 Agneta N.N., landowner at Berchem, deceased after 3 March 1423.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1. Bertram Henricsz Colve, born approx. 1368, deceased after 1422.
link naar staak 2. Peter Hendricsz, follows II.
link naar staak 3. Walter Henricsz Colve, born approx. 1369 - deceased before 1420.
link naar staak 4. Jan Henricsz Colve.
link naar staak 5. - 8. possibly four more children.

link naar staak II. Peter Henricsz Colve (Collaert), mentioned from 14 Febr. 1404, farmer and cattle owner, lived at the estate Hoechhout at Udenhout, owns land and is tenant there, deceased between March 1439 and 11 June 1450, married approx. 1395 Elisabeth Jansdr van (de) Leyenberch, deceased after 11 June 1450, dr. of Johannes (Jan) bastard of Van de Leijenberch and N.N.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1. Wouter Petersz, follows III.
link naar staak 2. Jan Petersz, born approx. 1412, deceased 1477.
link naar staak 3. Elisabeth Peter Collaertsdr, born approx. 1414, deceased before 1519.
link naar staak 4. Peter Petersz Collaert, born approx. 1415, deceased ?
link naar staak 5. Agnesen Petersdr Collaert, born after 4. (Peter), deceased ?

link naar staak III. Wouter Petersz Colve (Wouter Kolff the First) (Wouter van Haren), mentioned from 15 June 1446, farmer, landowner at Enschot and Haren, deceased between 24 March 1491 and 30 Nov. 1501, married 1st approx. 1435 N.N.; married 2nd Marten (Martina) van Strijbeek, deceased shortly after Febr. 1512, dr. of Peter and N.N.
From the first marriage (sequence unknown):
link naar staak 1. Peter Collaert, alias Peter Vannij, born approx. 1437, deceased before 21 Dec. 1473, married Yde N.N., born approx. 1440, deceased before 21 Dec. 1473; their descendants named themselves Vannij (Van Nij).
link naar staak 2. Roelof Wouter Petersz, born approx. 1440, deceased before 1475.
link naar staak 3. Marie Wouter Petersdr, born approx. 1442, deceased before 1492, married Adriaen Berckelmans, dr. of Willem and Elisabeth Petersdr van den Eijnde, sister of Aert Petersz van den Eijnde, father-in-law of Wouter Kolff (IV)
From the second marriage:
link naar staak 4. Wouter Woutersz, follows IV.

link naar staak IV. Wouter Woutersz Kolff (Collaert), mentioned from 1 July 1487, farmer, landowner at Haren and at Oisterwijk, sheriff of Oisterwijk 1490-1503, deceased between 12 Sept. 1524 or 1525 and Jan. 1535, married Hadewich Artsdr van den Eijnde, deceased (before 28) Jan. 1541, dr. of Arnt Petersz and Aleyde Arntsdr (Hout)Appel and wid. of Daniel Cornelisz van der Goes; she re-married Cornelis Bartholomeusz.
From this relation:
link naar staak 1. ('pre-maritial child') Anna Woutersdr Kolff alias Van der Goes, born approx. 1490, deceased after April 1566, married approx. 1515 Jan Peter Willemszn de Verwer, born approx. 1485, deceased (killed) shortly before 1566, tot 1561 mentioned as member of council of Oisterwijk, wed. of Grietken Jan Thijsz Smitdr
After date of their marriage. from this marriage:
link naar staak 2. Jan Woutersz Kolff, born approx. 1495, deceased before 1535.
link naar staak 3. Peter Woutersz Kolff, lakenverver at 's-Hertogenbosch.
link naar staak 4. Wouter Kolff Woutersz, follows V.
link naar staak 5. Jenneken Woutersdr Kolff, born approx. 1530, deceased before 1560, married Henrick Bathen van Arendonck, born approx. 1500, deceased 1560, forester in the Vrijheid van Oisterwijk.

link naar staak V. Wouter Woutersz Kolff (Collaert), mentioned from 29 June 1538, farmer [and lakenverver] at Oisterwijk, landowner there, mayor 1549-1550, 1561-1565, schepen (1558), 1561-1565, bailiff [schout] 1565-1566 and heilige geestmeester 1556-1571 at Oisterwijk, deceased before end of 1572, married before 7 April 1542 Elisabeth Willemsdr Colen, deceased after 27 March 1548, dr. of Willem Laureynsz and Jenneken (Johanna) Hendriksdr de Wildt.
From this marriage:
link naar staak 1 Wouter Kolff Woutersz, follows VI.
link naar staak 2. Hadewich Woutersdr Kolff, born approx. 1545, deceased before 8 June 1618, married 1st Adriaen van Dijck, married 2nd Willem Claesz van (der) Hout.

link naar staak VI. Wouter (Wolter) Woutersz Kolff (History: G.1.1), mentioned 19 July 1574-24 March 1586 at Oisterwijk, landowner there, probably around 1586 he left for Geertruidenberg, keeper of the gate there 1589-deceased, end Aug. from beginning of Sept. 1590, married Anneken Adriaensdr Pap, deceased between 1591 and 1595, dr. of Adriaen Cornelisz and A(dria)entgen Jacob Hubrechtsdr.
From this marriage:
1. Wouter (Wolter) Kolff Woutersz, follows VII.

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