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Nederland’s Patriciaat
The so called Blauwe Boekje
(blue booklet)
About Nederland’s Patriciaat

Included in Nederland’s Patriciaat (Netherland's Patricianship) are genealogies of families that have played a continious leading role in Dutch society for at least the past 150 years. Up to today they are prominent members of society as gouvernors, scientists, officers or businessmen.

The Kolff Family in Nederland’s Patriciaat

The Kolff Family (Kolff, Van Breda Kolff, Van Santen Kolff, Kolff van Oosterwijk) has been included since the earliest publications of Nederland’s Patriciaat. As from its first inclusion, in part 3 (1912), the family has also been included in the parts 15 (1925), 51 (1965) and 78 (1994). In the 78th issue the genealogy is included up to 1994. The genealogy at this website follows this publication, but has been updated to the present day. Condition for this is that members of the family keep the Association informed about recent changes.

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