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Summary of articles from De Colve VIII - 2003 (3/3)

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Sailing in New York

To sail around Manhattan is a life-time experience. This is what my guests say when they disembark after a leisurely sailing tour in New York. October, 1999, I moved from London to New York where I joined the Manhattan Yacht Club (www.myc.org). The boats are docked at 'North Cove', within sight from the former WTC. The club is constructing a new club house, designed by Sparkman & Stevens. It will be situated next to Ellis Island and will also have function rooms, and a rooftop terrace, so that social activities can be expanded. The new location will enable visitors to enjoy sunset - with the famous green Heineken bottle - over the skyline of Manhattan. Apart from the Manhattan Yacht Club there are many more yachting clubs. These are usually situated in the Long Island Sound, north-east of Manhattan. The prestigious New York Yacht Club resides, strange enough, right in the city in 44th St. between 5th and 6th Ave (they do have a waterfront club house at Newport (Rhode Island).

  The Manhattan Yacht Club suffered a lot from the September 11 disaster. The floating club house was moved to another port for cleaning and repairs. After the club house was placed back to its original location it was a sad experience to see a skyline so immensely changed. As skipper I joined in past years Fall Series on a Dutch-American team. This race is very competitive because all the boats are the same. We ended fourth. On September 14, 2002, an impressive, and emotional, 'Memorial Regatta' took place. More than 1000 ships participated. Each ship carried one or more flags with the names of victims of the September 11 disaster.
The Commodore of the Manhattan Yacht Club, Michael W. Fortenbaugh, wants to organise a big international Regatta in August 2003. Who knows the Rotterdam club wants to participate? It is the intention to have races for four days in J-24's. This takes place in the port of New York. Those interested can contact me through the Family Association.

Lucas Kolff

Since De Colve last was issued a lot has happened at the site. The lay-out has been totally revised. An easy to navigate menu has been placed: no need to go to sections first before selecting sub-menu's: all can be reached from any given page. The colours blue and yellow, though our 'family colours' seemed to 'hard' for me and have been changed to a somewhat softer colour scheme. Most of the images have been improved in quality. New on the site are: biographies, the Kolff Quiz (2001). Most important novelty on the site is the separate section for Members Only. Here you can find the addresses of the members, the annual reports, and some other items. Access to this section is only possible with a user name and a password. These are sent to the members with this issue of De Colve. Thanks to the site and its visitors corrections could be placed in the genealogy where necessary. Thanks to the site people could be brought together. As said before: you can use the site to pass on any information you want to the secretary and other members of the board. Use the site to register for the Family Day. We hope to see you!
The Nuts and Bolts of Life
[This text does not follow the original; it has been adjusted by the webmaster] Herman Broers wrote a biography by Herman Broers of William Kolff, inventor of the artificial kidney and renown scientist from Salt Lake City. This biography, The Nuts and Bolts of Life (hard cover, 260 pages), can be ordered through inventorforlife.com.

Translations by: Marius Kolff